Florida Holiness Camp Grounds

A Great Tradition Since 1925...

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About Florida Holiness Camp Grounds

3335 S. Florida Ave., Lakeland, FL 33803

 FHCG Board of Directors

 Executive Committee

  • Dr. Ted Lee, President
  • Rev. Lee Hammond, Vice President
  • Robert Barnhart, Treasurer
  • Marcy Hammond, Secretary
  • John Gordin, Committee Member-at-Large

Dr. Ken Swan, Yvonne Cassalman, Tom Scharar, Rev. Bryan Solomon, Ken Osborne, Shirley Walker, Paul Seaman.

About the Florida Holiness Camp Grounds, Inc.

Florida Holiness Camp Grounds, Inc. was established in 1925. It is a Christian Holiness  community for retired adults 55 and older.

Primary purpose

To proclaim the Wesleyan Doctrine of Scriptural Holiness through teaching and preaching and to provide a place for Christians to fellowship in a warmer winter climate.

Onsite Expectation

Being a faith-based, Christian camp ground, we strongly encourage and expect all residents and visitors to follow camp policies and expectations for the good of all.

During camp meeting, residents and visitors are expected to attend the services. We discourage use of the recreation facilities during service times and on Sunday. Only emergency work shall be performed on Sunday or during camp services.

Donations and Support

Florida Holiness Camp Grounds, Inc. is a 501 (C) (3) charitable organization and a Florida Non-Profit organization. Donations are accepted and may be tax deductible.